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1   Link   Annetta Miller Website
Annetta Miller Website is a Treasure of African Proverbs including:
• African Proverbs on different themes/topics. For example, under "Proverbs on Peace and War": "The more you spend on peace, the less you spend on war" (KENYA).
• Flip calendars contain specially selected proverbs on different themes/topics, one for each day of the year. Because they include month and date but not day of the week, they are reusable year after year.
• Books
2   Link
This Black Reference website is the largest online resource for locating African and African American websites, and features under the "Poetry" category.
3   Link
"Traditional Music and Cultures of Kenya" Website by Jens Finke. Contains a very large collection of fables, legends, riddles and proverbs of 12 Kenyan Tribes (Ethnic Groups).
4   Link
The Caine Prize for African Writing is awarded to a work (a short story) by an African writer published in English, whether in Africa or elsewhere. The prize is described as Africa’s leading literary award. It is awarded annually starting in 2000. The prize sponsors Writers' Workshops in Africa.
5   Link
Kamusi Project (Internet Living Swahili Dictionary). This online dictionary (Swahili-English and English-Swahili) contains various proverbs and sayings in the section "Swahili examples" and the "Swahili Discussion Forum" treats sayings on khangas, etc.
6   Link
"Proverb Resources" Website (including bilingual collections) with an excellent "Search" feature in different databases and proverbs collections. It states that the African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories Website is a "major multilingual site with list server and useful links."
7   Link
"De Proverbio" Electronic Journal -- the world's first multilingual electronic publisher of proverb studies and collections based in Australia.
8   Link
"Enjoy animated African stories on Android through DreamAfrica."
9   Link
"Proverbium:" Yearbook of International Proverb Scholarship published annually by the University of Vermont, USA
10   Link
"Kanga Writings." A list of sayings on the "khanga" (East African Cloth): Original Swahili, Literal English Translation and Most Common Meaning. "History of Kanga." A short history of the "khanga" and a list of 26 uses.
11   Link
A collection of Hausa Proverbs
12   Link
16 Wolof (Senegal) Proverbs that are printed as Appendix B in the book The Way of Righteousness by Paul Bramsen.
13   Link
Famous quotes and sayings to inspire you and start your day on a positive note
14   Link
Inspirational Sayings.
A positive and inspirational place to visit. Find messages of inspiration to start your day on a positive note in these sayings.
15   Link
Kwani Trust are publishers of the groundbreaking journal of contemporary Kenyan writing, Kwani? and coordinators of Sunday Salon Nairobi ( – a Prose Reading Series and Poetry Open Mic -- a Poetry Reading Series in Nairobi, Kenya.
16   Link
Promotes the book Lifelines: The Black Book of Proverbs by Askhari Johnson Hodari and Yvonne McCalla Sobers with “Foreword” by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Broadway Books, November, 2009.
17   Link
Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers Africa Region Website includes Charles Ndege's paintings of African culture.
18   Link
Mineke Schipper’s website including her books on African Proverbs and Sayings on Women and creation myths from around the world.
19   Link
MisLinks -- a web-based Missions Directory. Wheaton College, USA has a Web Page called "Links to Africa Research, Information, and News." It includes our African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories Website and a special link to our "African Proverb of the Month" Web Page.
20   Link
Missionary Service News Agency (MISNA) Website has a daily (Monday to Friday) African Proverb called "Today's Proverb."
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