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Site Last Update: 24 Feb, 2020
African Stories Database

The African Stories Database has been created to provide searchable, user-friendly access to a collection of over 1,000 African stories (of which 586 stories are presently in the database) including folk tales, historical fiction pieces, myths, parables, poems, prayers, riddles, song-proverbs and true stories. This feature enables users to find African stories for a wide variety of interests and occasions. The content of this database is made of up stories containing over 140 different themes and sub-themes. The stories integrated in this database are in the public domain and can be re-used and interpreted as you wish. If you use a story please acknowledge the source. If you use a story we would appreciate you letting the Moderator ( know so we can share this news with others.

If you have a new African story to add to this database, please send it to the Moderator (

Please follow the simple search steps below.

Select the category in which you would like the search to be conducted and the order in which you prefer your results to be sorted

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Type in any key word, phrase, etc. and CLICK "Go":

***Note: Entire database will be listed if the user leaves search fields blank.***

For those interested in engaging in discussions about African Stories, please join us on our Message Board.

This unique feature enables universal discussions regarding all aspects of African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories, as well as a “General Chat” area for users to congregate and become acquainted with others who share interests in Africa and African culture.

The African Proverb Team is proud to make this opportunity available to its users! The software for this feature has recently been updated to the best available version of vBulletin Message Board software, which essentially provides a well-organized, friendly environment for users. 

You can get to the Message Board by going to the African Proverbs, Sayings and Stories website ( and then clicking the message board link on the left side.  Or go directly there by clicking: Message Board


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